Walther has been a firearms leader for almost 130 years and is known throughout the world for its innovation. High quality firearms for sporting, defense, and law enforcement- including the legendary PPK.



A leader in innovative designs for more than 125 years, Walther Arms is trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world and is the brand of choice for many competitors. Walther Arms is also the choice of James Bond, the legendary, but fictional, secret agent.

waltherusafirearms.com brings to you the best deals on Walther handguns for sale. Browse listings of the Walther Q4, Walther P99, Walther PPQ, Walther PPK, Walther PPS, Walther P22 and Walther CCP handguns and many more. Whether you’re searching for a Walther handgun for sport or self-defense, we have dozens of options from which to choose.

The PPQ, P99 and PPS handguns continue to be trusted choices for law enforcement agencies around the globe. While the Walther Arms lineup of competition target and specialty firearms deliver quality and performance that is second to none. For lovers of pop culture and classic films, the ever-popular PPK is the famous firearm carried by the legendary Bond… James Bond.

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Walther PDP For sale

The Walther PDP is a groundbreaking pistol design built to excel in personal defense and duty scenarios. This lineup of handguns delivers world class performance paired with unrivaled ergonomics and versatility, carving a pathway to gun ownership for those on a budget. Holding a remarkable 18 rounds, the 9mm PDP Full Size 4″ pistol features a highly modular design with an innovative grip angle that allows for rapid red dot acquisition without having to adjust your hand position. It also has an aggressive yet non-abrasive tetrahedron grip texture, unique and highly effective SuperTerrain serrations integrated into the front and rear of the slide, and an enhanced Performance Duty trigger system delivering short travel and a definitive, crisp break. PDP Walther pistols also come optics ready and accept a vast array of red dot sights, adding yet another layer of performance-driven features on an already premium self defense or duty handgun.

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